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• Speed-controllable
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• Speed-controllable
• Integral thermal…
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• Speed-controllable
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Latest smoke-free regulations strictly divide non-smoking areas from smoking areas in public places. This usually requires smoke extraction. We offer solutions with high-quality extraction fans at reasonable prices.


Need technical documentation? Our engineers have licenses and know-how necessary for creating technical documentation for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.


We recommend:axial fans in diameters from 200mm to 1000mm and with airflow from 450m3/h to 50.000m3/h. We offer two types of those fans, AW fans have square plates for wall mounting, AR fans have round flanges for duct mounting.


Industrial fans are important segments of production line, no matter ifit’s used for pneumatically transporting, air extraction of polluted air or fresh air intake.  We offer various fans for those purposes.


ACF active carbon filtersare efficient solution for smell polluted air. They are recommended for kitchen fans in restaurants. They are especially useful if restaurant is in apartment building, or other highly populated area. We offer three models: ACF 25, ACF 50 i ACF 75.


Don’t let insects annoy you! We offer high-quality industrial and home-use insect traps. We recommend: EUROFLY which has HACCP standard.


New types of ceiling fans in stock. Series HTD130 with decorative look, in yellow(gold) color.Series HTL130 4F and HTL130 1G are decorative ceiling fans with lights.


New types of smoke extraction fans are now in stock: Roof fans type DVV, centrifugal fans type WWA, WWI, KBR/F and axial fans typeHA. All fans have dual action: regular air extraction and smoke extraction(in case of fire).


New in stock: Window mounted fans.Three axial types available: WINDOW 15/6A, WINDOW 23/9AREV and WINDOW 31/12AREV. Properties: long lasting, silent, nice-looking, simple to install. Ideal for offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, bars, stores, etc.


Recommended: Electrical heaters for offices, stores, halls and warehouses. Ideal for painters, masons and ceramics workers. Wide power range from 2kW to 22kW.


New in stock: LGS rubber connectors, ideal for connecting air-ducts. Reduces noise, simple to install, affordable. In wide size range fromØD 80mm toØD 1250 mm.


Trying to save energy? Use heat recovery units!They save up to 60% of energy required for heating/cooling by re-using thermal properties of exhausting air. For smaller systems(offices, stores, restaurants) it’s recommended to use: MAXI 1100 EL, MAXI 1500 EL and MAXI 2000 EL.


New:Airdehumidifiers for home-use.They dehumidify(remove moisture) rooms and therefore prevent molds and bacteria from forming on or inside walls. Active carbon filter is preventing unpleasant smells from water container. We offer three types: DH 711, DH 716 and DH 720.


Kitchen fans KBR and KBT, electrostatic filters SFE and active carbonfilters ACF are removing up to 98% of impurities and smell. They represent ideal solution for ventilating professional kitchens.


Prepare for winter! We offer varietyof products from "Master" production line. Supplied by electricity, natural gas, propane-butane or diesel. Suitable for small offices, workshops, warehouses, etc.


Recommended: Ceiling fans HTS white or HTS metalic. Air chilling with style.


New: System withJet fans(AJ8 and AJR)offers cheap and efficient solution for smoke extraction from closed and underground garages. Without air-ducts. It can be used in emergencies like smoke extracting fan system.

Recommended: Air curtains for industrial use and special purposes. For mounting on doors, supported height from 6m to 10m. Types COR IND 1000 F and COR IND 1500 F are without heater, and types COR IND 1000-18, COR IND 1000-24, COR IND 1500-24 and COR IND 1500-36 have integrated heaters.